‘Inside NAU’ features forests, ‘Fantasticks’ and more

Listen to David Bousquet’s interpretation of NAU’s increased enrollment. Hear Candy Bacon and Terri Hayes decipher the numbers of Distance Learning’s steady growth. Find out this information and more in the latest television edition of Inside NAU, the television show.

Also covered in this week’s edition is an explanation by Jane Kuhn of where the SPEED money comes from and how it is distributed.

Next, The W.A. Franke College of Business is showcased for the Career Exploration Day it hosted—an opportunity for students and potential employers to meet.

In celebration of reaching its 25th anniversary, KNAU has vowed to end its pledge drive when it reaches its goal and no later. John Stark states that it takes $1,000 a day to operate KNAU, mostly due to acquistion costs.

Another anniversary worth noting is the 100th anniversary of the Fort Valley Experimental Forest. Inside NAU TV takes a closer look at the origins of this designated forest and how its 50-year celebration helped create the School of Forestry at NAU.

Wrap it all up with a behind-the-scenes peek at The Fantasticks NAU Theater rehearsal and see why this Broadway classic is the longest running musical in history.