Innovation in ITS: NAU student employee enhances efficiency

Life at Northern Arizona University just got a little bit easier for students, faculty and staff, thanks to student worker Christopher Moore, who teamed up with Information Technology Services staff member Wes Walker to create the OnBase Request application.

The application allows all NAU departments to submit OnBase project, administration and enhancement requests through ServiceNow, NAU’s service request system. Not only will this expedite the request process, Moore said, but it will improve the workflow for NAU students, faculty and staff. 

As a level four student worker, I have gained experience working with customers to gather requirements and then fulfilling these requirements using OnBase or ServiceNow,” he said. “Constantly adapting to new OnBase and ServiceNow technologies has made it easier to learn new concepts both in the classroom and in the workplace.”

Moore, a senior at NAU, studies applied computer science and electrical engineering. He has been with NAU ITS for two and a half years and started working on OnBase forms and other applications to improve efficiency within the NAU community.

In addition to providing document storage and management, OnBase is a system in which online forms and workflows can be created for information intake and processing by NAU.

Users now are able to go into ServiceNow, select if they want a new solution, workstation registration, solution modification or other, which encompasses all other OnBase-related services. Completing one of these forms will notify and create a ticket with the business processes and service management team who will then review and reach out to the customer on their application. The task will be assigned to an OnBase developer who will service the request. Once the form is complete and signed off on by the customer, the ticket will be marked as complete.

This new offering is different from the current incident process in ServiceNow.  An incident should be submitted when something is broken and no longer working. A request should be submitted for everything else with regard to OnBase.  

For more information about the new incident and request system, contact NAU ITS