In the Spotlight: Sept. 28, 2018

Kudos to these staff, faculty and programs

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  • Assistant professor of physics and astronomy Christopher Edwards secured funding for a NASA Solar System Workings proposal. “Testing the Limits of Spectral Mixture Modeling in the Thermal Infrared: Insights from Radiative Transfer Modeling and Laboratory Spectral Analysis” will receive $469,000 and an appointed graduate student for the next three years.
  • Scott Goetz and Logan Berner of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems are co-authors on “Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome.” Goetz and Berner collaborated with scientists from institutions throughout the world to assess recent changes in plant communities across the planet’s Arctic tundra biome.
  • Anthropology faculty members Francis Smiley, Chris Downum and Susan Smiley published “The Archaeology of Grand Canyon: Ancient Peoples, Ancient Places.” The book is part of the Grand Canyon Association Monograph Series and focuses on what is known about life for the inhabitants of the Grand Canyon nearly 140 centuries ago.
  • Associate professor of anthropology Jaime Awe participated in two documentaries filmed in Belize this summer. The first was a National Geographic production that explores the Lowland Maya Snake Dynasty. The other was a Discover Canada feature on the Decline of Maya Civilization. Awe is also a co-author on a number of publications:
  • Northern Arizona University made Inside Higher Education’s list of institutions with the highest equity index scores. The University of Southern California’s Race and Equity Center did a study on how well public universities are serving their black students based on specific metrics. Inside Higher Education breaks down the study in its article and rates schools on the equity index score designated by the study; NAU is listed in the article’s “Highest Scores” graphic.
  • NAU-TV won five Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards in two categories. The Emmys are awarded from a chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences serving Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and El Centro, California. This brings NAU-TV’s total Emmy count to 27. The breakdown of the categories and winners this year are:
    • Jerry Anderfuren, Corderro McMurry and alumnus Alexander Thomas won for their entry “The Lumberjack Life” in the Promotion Program -Single Spot or Image category. This is a promo for NAU Social.
    • Anderfuren and Erik Sather won for their entry “I Recommend You Start Painting” in the Photographer – Program category. This project is a two-minute video for the NAU Honors College promoting the Creative World program. It was done in collaboration with NAU Honors and NAU Marketing.

NAU-TV team at Emmy Awards

Cheyenne Jarrette