In the Spotlight: Oct. 14, 2009

Kudos to these faculty, staff and students

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Parks and Recreation
  • NAU’s Parks and Recreation Management Program recently received another five years of accreditation from the National Recreation and Park Association. The program prepares professionals for positions in the growing field of parks, recreation and leisure services.
  • “The Handbook of Career Advising,” a new publication from the National Academic Advising Association, features the Gateway Student Success Center’s integration of career and academic advising as an exemplary practice. The handbook also includes a chapter on Career Advising Competencies, written
    by Eileen Mahoney, director of the center.
  • Sonya Daw and Mikhael Star, from the Gateway Student Success Center, presented “Laying the Foundations of Your Assessment Plan, the Benefits of Tortoise’s Path” at the National Academic Advising Association Annual Conference, Oct 1.
  • Robyn Slayton-Martin, a lecturer for the Honors Program, received the NAU Service Learning Award, sponsored by the Office of Student Life, at the Celebration of Academic Achievement on Oct. 3. The award recognizes faculty and students involved in outstanding service initiatives or programs that extend students’ academic preparation through meaningful community service activities. Slayton-Martin received the award for her Spring 2009 HON 191 class in which she and her students created a project encouraging others to be positive change-agents. Students in the class sold wrist bands to create awareness of their
    “Five Feet of Space” effort, and invited the wearers to get involved in enacting change within the five feet of space around
    them by demonstrating positive behavior in one or more categories: the environment, kindness, social or political aspects,
    or a special category of their choice. The goal was to create circles of encouraging space that would overlap, helping to
    create a more positive community.
  • Marilya Veteto-Reese, a professor of German, was awarded a Research Visit Grant to Germany by the German Academic Exchange Service. Veteto-Reese will visit Berlin and Karlsruhe to conduct research for a book. She also will participate in a bilingual book-release reading tour with Anant Kumar, an Indian-German writer whose literary works Veteto-Reese has translated.
  • Astrid Klocke, an associate professor of German, published “Subverting Satire: Edgar Hilsenrath’s Novel Der Nazi und der Friseur and Charlie Chaplin’s Film The Great Dictator” in the Winter 2008 issue of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Klocke compares the satirical elements between these two famous works, showing that Hilsenrath’s work draws into question absolute categories in the representation of evil.