In the Spotlight: May 31, 2013

Kudos to these faculty, staff and students

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  • Jim Wilce, professor of anthropology, recently presented a lecture at Helsinki University titled, “Feeling Performative: Authenticities of Emotive Performance.” The lecture was a contribution to the university’s interdisciplinary project, “Performance at the Intersection of Culture, Power, and Belief.” Wilce also participated in the Finnish-language workshop that followed his lecture.
  • Tobias Kreidl, academic computing team lead in Information Technology Services, recently co-presented “XenServer Management in the Real World” during the 2013 Citrix Synergy convention in Anaheim, Calif.
  • NAU’s Wind for Schools program partner Darren McCormick recently won the Teacher’s Award for Sustainability in Curriculum award from the Northern Arizona Sustainable Economic Development Initiative. McCormick teaches 7th and 8th grade classes at West Sedona School and integrated wind topics into science, language arts, social studies and math using lessons and tools from the university’s Wind for Schools program.
  • NAU’s Logging Sports team recently participated in the annual conclave of the Association of Western Forestry Clubs in Missoula, Mont. Of NAU’s 20 team members, 11 men and four women attended to compete in 20 events. Forestry major David Gouveia earned first place in the caber toss  and choker race competitions, and forestry undergraduate students Daniel Howland, Kyle Niederer, Natalie Wilson, Katriana Joyce, Marissa Cunningham and Thomas Roland earned second to sixth places in 12 other competitions. Below are clockwise from left: Joyce in the women’s pole climb, Peters in the single buck, Niederer in the vertical speed chop, and Gouveia in the birling competition.

forestry conclave