In the Spotlight: March 13, 2015

Kudos to these faculty, staff and students

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  • Todd Sullivan, director of the School of Music, received the 2015 Viola Award for Leadership. The Viola Awards recognize artists, educators, organizations and leaders who make positive contributions to the arts and sciences in Flagstaff.
  • The Online Learning Consortium has awarded an OLC Effective Practice Award to Michelle Miller, psychology professor and director of the University College’s First Year Learning Initiative, instructional design manager John Doherty and J. Richard McDonald of Rhizome Learn LLC. The group was recognized for its instructional module titled Attention Matters!, a shareable educational resource that teaches undergraduate students important concepts about the limitations of attention and how multitasking can hinder learning. Attention Matters! is available on Blackboard Learn for anyone at NAU to self-enroll in and complete. The online module can be used as an extra credit or required activity in a wide variety of courses. NAU instructors can contact Michelle Miller or John Doherty for information on how to integrate it into their courses.

  • Nancy Wonders, professor of criminology and criminal justice, was invited to give two lectures at the Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona in March. One lecture focused on her research on “Global Inequalities, New Frontiers of Harm, and the Borders of (In)Justice” while the other examined mass incarceration in the United States.