In the Spotlight: March 1, 2019

Kudos to these faculty, staff and programs

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  • Criminology and criminal justice professor Robert Schehr, presented two lectures at Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany. Both lectures addressed questions related to American criminal procedure. In the first lecture, he talked about standard of proof, presumption of innocence and American plea bargaining. During the second lecture, he talked about the concerns related to the use of forensic practices in respective systems.
  • Criminology and criminal justice regents professor Raymond Michalowski presented “Regulatory Rollbacks and Public Health” at the American Society of Criminology. Michalowski had his chapter “Power, Crime and Enclosure: Capital Accumulation in the Twilight of the Neoliberal SSA” published in the book “Revisiting Crimes of the Powerful.” He also published “Complexity below, complexity above: Intra-class conflict, immigration imaginaries, and elite alliances in the Arizona–Mexico borderlands,” an article he wrote with social and behavioral science professor Frederic Solop.
  • The Gibbs Research Lab in the Department of Physics & Astronomy published an article, “Engineering the Dynamics of Active Colloids by Targeted Design of Metal–Semiconductor Heterojunctions.” The article looks at advancing active particles to form man-made small-scale machinery. Authors for the article include physics and astronomy assistant professor John Gibbs, graduate student Sumant Sarkar, undergraduate students Andrew Leeth Holterhoff, Mingyang Li, John Castañeda and alumnus Justin Toller.
  • Mechanical engineering lecturer Jennifer Wade is a part of a research team that is demonstrating a new direct air capture concept that uses novel materials to collect low-pressure carbon dioxide from ambient air. Wade’s role is to model gas transport and exchange across membrane materials. This will help the team understand the active pumping process and improve material performance.
  • Physics and astronomy assistant professor Chad Trujillo and his collaborators Scott Sheppard and Dave Tholen have discovered something in space even more Farout than their latest discovery. While Farout, the first trans-Neptunian object discovered while beyond 100 AU from the Sun, is 120 times farther away from Earth, the new discovery FarFarOut is 140 times further away.
  • NAU’s justice studies faculty held a Diversity in Policing Panel Discussion at the North Valley campus in Phoenix. The panel was made up of criminal justice professionals from throughout the state and they talked about their experiences and the importance of recruiting a workforce that represents the community.
  • Erin Plese, security services team member, is one of seven recipients of a scholarship given by Internet2. The scholarship aims to increase the meaningful participation of underrepresented information technology professionals. Plese will be formally recognized in the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative session on March 6.
  • Amit Kumar, assistant professor in the College of Health and Human Services, had two papers accepted to journals, “Use of Hospital-Based Rehabilitation Services and Hospital Readmission following Ischemic Stroke in the United States” and “Variation in Hospital-Based Rehabilitation Services among Patients with Ischemic Stroke in the United States.” The papers examine the association between hospital-based rehabilitation and all-cause 30-day hospital readmission amongst ischemic stroke patients in the United States.
  • English professor Nicole Walker is a co-author on the recently published book, ‘The After Normal: Brief, Alphabetical Essays on a Changing Planet’. Along with author David Carlin, Walker created a collection of short environmental and personal essays, all which contemplate the individual’s role in crises that call the idea of survival into question.