IHD’s assistive technology helps library patrons

Assistance computer

Flagstaff children and adults with special needs now have more access to library services thanks to NAU’s Assistive Technology Center.

The center, part of the Institute for Human Development, recently donated a workstation to the East Flagstaff Community Library that includes a computer with big, user-friendly buttons, accessible switches and other innovations that make the library more accessible to people with disabilities.

Using funds from a Meyerson Foundation Grant, the center provided a wheelchair accessible and adjustable desk workstation for library patron use.

The computer includes Intellisuite software and an Intellikeys keyboard, both of which have applications for accessible literacy and math education activities.

“We were looking to provide some support to adapt some of the activities like story times for special-needs children so we can promote greater participation in these activities,” said Nikkol Anderson, an occupational therapist at the NAU institute.

The Meyerson Foundation supports endeavors likely to benefit people with disabilities, particularly children.
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