Humans of NAU: Kylie Jim

Kylie Jim plays violin at a Phoenix Suns game.

Kylie Jim is a violinist, guitarist and NAU senior. She is a member of August Remedy, an indie-rock band originating from the Navajo Nation. As both a solo artist and band member, Jim has performed on stages ranging from on-campus events to music festivals across the Southwest. She spoke to us about how music has shaped her life, and where NAU will take it in the future.  

Kylie Jim poses for a portrait in front of a mural.

What brought you to NAU? 


I always knew that college was the next step for me after high school, so it came down to choosing NAU or ASU. NAU was in the same town as my family, and I wanted to stick closer to them.  


What is your major and minor? Why did you choose these? 

I started off as a psychology major, but found myself becoming less interested with each class so I changed my major in the beginning of sophomore year. Now my major is visual communication with an emphasis in graphic design. I chose this because I thought it would come in handy as a musician as I could utilize my designing skills for many projects. I think I’ve always had an eye for art and visual design. 

How has NAU impacted your musical pursuits? 

Former NAU alum and former Miss Indigenous NAU Ambassador Ellisha Tsinnijinnie invited me to perform my violin during the NAU Indigenous Ambassador Showcase in 2021 and 2022. In regard to my band August Remedy, we have always tried reaching out to various organizations within the school to perform, but there was never a response until recently when Nate Armenta from the Indigenous Peoples Living Learning Community at NAU came in contact with us. He noticed our sound and the message we’d like to bring out as a band, so he has a few events lined up for us at NAU.   

How did your band, August Remedy, start?  

August Remedy started off as mutual friends teaming

up and performing together at a wedding. After a successful gig, we thought we didn’t sound too bad and gave it another try. My friend Josh (current lead singer/guitarist for AR) and I (lead singer/bassist/violinist) are founders of the band. There were other band members, but they had different schedules and paths to go on, so we were supportive of that. My older brother, Dylan, joined in July 2022 as our drummer. Something we have in common is our church background. We grew up playing in church and now we are the worship team who has played at our church every Sunday for the past three years. We are Navajos coming from the Navajo reservation. As a band, we play alternative, indie, rock and worship music. Josh thought of “August” because our first gig was in August 2021 and I thought of the “Remedy” part. Josh and I had a vision. We know how cruel the world can be and how lonely it gets sometimes, to the point where we want to give up. Instead of looking towards bad/unhealthy habits, we wanted to inspire people to look toward a better and positive remedy. We wanted to provide hope and also inspire everyone to be the change. That’s our mission as a band. 

Tell me about August Remedy’s most recent album. 

For the past three years, our band has grown. Dylan, Josh and I knew we wanted to take it to the next level which was releasing an album. Our schedules were very busy in 2023 and we had difficulties with our health that made us postpone the album. To be honest, it took us 3-4 months to create this album. We learned more about each other’s writing process, we argued, we laughed, and we definitely pushed each other to keep going and finish what we started. We know life is challenging and there are some of us who may feel hopeless, lonely or like you don’t belong. How we question our worth sometimes, if we’re doing enough and if we are enough… But these songs we wrote talk about hope to get through it. This album is about the air inside your lungs. Taking each moment and every breath as a blessing. Remembering to breathe when things get tough, looking at how far we came, living for today, breaking the darkness, loving each other, it all doesn’t have to end. This record is full of many emotions starting off with our hype songs progressing into more heartfelt, personal songs, AKA our deep songs. The cool thing about our album is that each song has something memorable to offer, like the bass solo in “The One,, the catchy chorus in “Easy To Love” and the nature sounds in “Doesn’t Have To End.” Each song was an experiment. We love having songs that build. We’d like to believe our sound is new and everyone should listen to what we have to say. It was fun to create this fun, yet inspiring record, “The Air Inside Your Lungs.” 

What is next for your music? 

For August Remedy, we’d like to perfect our sound. We also want to start booking in different cities and maybe have a small mini-tour. Currently, we are booking upcoming shows. As KylieSjViolin, I’d also like to play more violin gigs because that’s a whole other side of me.  

What did you want to be when you grow up? 

I’ve always wanted to be a musician. My grandfather started me off in music at age 7. Each school year growing up I was always playing an instrument, whether it’s piano, ukulele, violin, clarinet, guitar, or bass. Music has and will always be something I want to pursue. I know if I don’t try my best, I’d regret it later. I also knew my calling was higher from a young age, so that makes me stronger. Music has saved me, so it is my passion. 

What in your life have you been most proud of recently? 

There are two things I am super proud of. My band finally releasing an album, I’m so proud of the guys. I’ve always believed in our potential as a band, so it’s exciting to see that we’re one step closer to more success and opportunities, but most importantly, reaching and uplifting people. The second thing I’m proud of is my gig in November when I performed the national anthem wearing my traditional Navajo attire at the Phoenix Suns game against the Timberwolves. I often look back to it, and it always makes me smile. It was the best minute and 30 seconds of my life. I remember the feeling and the moment. How many supporters that were by my side, how many prayers uplifted me. I’m proud of how far I came.  

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love my naps. It’s important for me to take naps and to rest up due to my multiple sclerosis diagnosis. When I’m not sleeping, I practice with the band, go for walks, and watch Gilmore girls.” I try my best to check in on my friends. Usually, I’m busy each week with music, school, graphic design and gigs on the weekends.  

What are three things on your bucket list? 

  1. Perform in Nashville  
  2. Become a music teacher
  3. Get a tattoo