Happy Homecoming!

Charlese Bedford

     By Charlese Bedford, NAU visual communications,  junior 

It’s Homecoming Week at NAU, a time I truly look forward to on campus. I love fall! When Homecoming arrives, it brings in the changing of the seasons.

There is so much to do this week! One of my favorite events is the Homecoming parade. I particularly like to see how Flagstaff and NAU come together as a community and create such a huge celebration. Oh, and guess what? It will be held on campus this year. This should be exciting and very special, and I hope to see many of my fellow students along the parade route.

In addition to being a full-time student majoring in visual communication with an emphasis in graphic design and a minor in cinema studies, I also am an NAU employee. My position as an administrative assistant has given me insights to the inner workings of the university and I realize how many different people work extremely hard to support my experience as a student. Many faculty and staff were actually once in our shoes. Several NAU alumni chose to pursue careers on campus after graduation and now they support all of us.

As a current student, Homecoming means a time for celebration and to make lasting memories. I believe this great week is a welcome relief after our midterms and an excuse to feel a little stress-free. As a future graduate, I think Homecoming will have a different meaning as I look back and remember my time at NAU, the friendships I made and the degree I earned. I am thankful for this opportunity. Now go out there, have fun and go Lumberjacks!