Today is the day/International Haiku/Poetry Day—woot!

Trees and mountain reflected in a lake

April 17 is International Haiku Poetry Day. According to The Haiku Foundation, the haiku is an ancient and undefinable-in-English form of Japanese poetry. At its most basic, it is three lines, the first with five syllables, the second with seven and the third with five.

The NAU Review asked Lumberjacks to submit their own haiku about NAU, Flagstaff or Arizona. Enjoy the poets among us!

Alison Singer, assistant professor of practice, biological sciences

sharp whiteness, striving
upward always, breaking blue
sky. at night, stars fall.

Dr Bev

Mollusk to mountain
comet to dinosaur bone
yet humans persist

Lisa Dahm, marketing and communications coordinator, CHER

Majestic mountains
Aspens gently quivering
Flagstaff is beauty

T Noecker, director of strategic planning and institutional analytics, SPIRA

dark and ominous
monsoon storm brings rain and life
green emerges (add one more syllable?)

Tammy Cornell, assistant director, marketing

Atop mountain peaks,
NAU Flagstaff stands tall, proud,
Knowledge echoes clear.

Mary McGee, assistant director, alumni communications

Red rocks of Old Main
Green grass, blue skies in North Quad
True Blue and gold pride

Jessica Minster, student majoring in English

Throne of white splendor
Overlook tall trees of green
Joy spirit within

Zachary Gerber, applications programmer, ITS; physics alum

Farewell to the pines,
NAU forever shines,
in my memory.

Jessie K. Finch, chair of the Department of Sociology

To Make A Better Culture
Take SOC 101

Tessa Alexander, academic program coordinator, Department of Educational Psychology

Peaks standing so tall
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall
Flagstaff’s beautiful

Rob Wallace, associate teaching professor, Honors College

Cone of clouds over
Sacred Mountain, bearing spring–
Sun is almost here!

Andrew Patrick, student in mathematics and mathematics education

Leaves drift in air’s flow,
scattered by April’s strong gusts.
Autumn winds and leaves.
NAU Communications