Haeger urges governor to veto guns-on-campus bill

NAU President John Haeger has sent a letter to Gov. Jan Brewer asking her to veto SB1467, a bill that would allow firearms on campus grounds.

“The intent of this legislation to increase safety on our campuses and manage dangerous activity expeditiously is a goal shared by all,” Haeger wrote. “We strongly disagree, however, with the premise that the legislation does anything to further that goal, and in fact, believe (it) will have the opposite effect.”

Similar letters were sent by ASU President Michael Crow, UA President Robert Shelton and Tom Anderes, president of the Arizona Board of Regents.

The bill was approved and sent to the governor April 7. She has until Saturday, April 16, to approve or veto the legislation.

Pointing out that NAU is located in a rural community where individuals respect and use firearms, Haeger added, “Not once during my tenure as president has a single member of the community requested permission to bring a weapon on campus or asked that we adjust our policies related to prohibition of firearms.”

Read Haeger’s complete letter here. Read other communications regarding this issue here.