Haeger to chair national committee on international education

John Haeger

Northern Arizona University President John Haeger has been appointed to serve as chair of the committee on International Education for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities for the coming year.

Haeger’s appointment, which begins this fall, will place him in a role of assisting higher learning institutions as they respond to the globalization of society. The committee addresses the implications of globalization as related to campuses, faculty, students and curricula.

“Through my appointment as committee chair, Northern Arizona University is being recognized as a leader in global engagement,” Haeger said. “I look forward to discussing this dynamic, evolving realm of higher education.”

The international student population at NAU has increased by more than 152 percent in five years, from 341 students representing 68 countries in the fall of 2005 to 858 students representing 73 countries this fall.

“We focus on attracting students from around the world because we want graduates to be prepared to engage in this diverse and changing economy,” Haeger said. “It is important that we focus on graduating students who are prepared to be leaders in the global arena.”