‘Green Road’ guide details environmental resources at NAU

Green Book

Northern Arizona University has released a comprehensive guide of institutional resources that have established NAU as a leader in environmental education and research.

Navigating the Green Road: A Guide to Northern Arizona University’s Environmental Resourcesshowcases more than 90 services, programs and organizations that represent such diverse interests as air and water quality, ecological restoration and cultural resource management. Highlighted programs in the social sciences and humanities recognize the human and cultural dimensions of environmental awareness.

“NAU’s location on the Colorado Plateau offers unparalleled opportunities to work and learn within one of the world’s most extraordinary ecosystems,” said Karan English, director of the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment program at NAU, which produced the resource guide.

“The academic community of NAU is changing the way society thinks about its responsibilities to a world that is now facing complex ecological problems,” she said.

Additionally, English noted that NAU has long been a leading institution for Native Americans. “Numerous cultural programs and institutions in the guide focus specifically on Native issues, including cultural and environmental resource management.”

Navigating the Green Road also highlights “green” features of the Flagstaff campus. For example, the Applied Research and Development building that is under construction will seek the highest certification—a platinum rating—from the U.S. Green Building Council, which would make it one of the most ecologically friendly buildings in the nation.

The guide also includes sections on environmental student organizations, course listings and degree programs.

Navigating the Green Road is available online via the EMA web site at www.emaprogram.com.