Grand Canyon Historical Society opens research applications for $2,000 grant

Research grant applications are open to receive a $2,000 grant from the Grand Canyon Historical Society to support research involving history, historic or environmental preservation in the Grand Canyon regions. This includes, but is not limited to, the North and South rims and areas adjacent to the Grand Canyon National Park. Applications must be received by March 30.

The Grand Canyon Historical Society celebrates and promotes the study and preservation of the Grand Canyon region’s cultural and natural history for the education and enjoyment of its members and the public.

Papers or items submitted as a result of research will become part of the Grand Canyon Historical Society Collection in the Special Collections and Archives of Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library. The author will receive full credit for published material.

Any independent researcher, student enrolled at an Arizona university or college, any National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management personnel, state agency professionals or historians working in those areas of research can apply.

Eligible projects include work that results in original research concerning historical individuals, events, sites, organizations, businesses or environmental issues in the Grand Canyon region. Other examples include original research that supports or leads to historical preservation of historical sites, photographs, documents or diaries with origins in the Grand Canyon region.

A complete project will include one or more of the following end products produced no later than Feb. 3, 2022:

  • Submission of a paper suitable for publication to the society.
  • Presentation of a paper at a legitimate conference with a copy of the paper to the society. The copy must be presented to the society no later than Feb. 3 with the presentation scheduled at the earliest possible meeting of the conference.
  • A thesis or dissertation of which component parts resulted from the research with a copy of the included work presented to the Society.
  • Historical preservation of photographs, documents or diaries requires at least delivery of a photocopy of the items in question to the Society by Feb. 3. Preservation of actual items is preferred.
  • Site research requires a completed nomination or submission of material to the Society by Feb. 3 for inclusion in a nomination of the site to the National Register of Historic Places.

Applications require a one-page letter that includes a short biography with name, address, phone number; if applicable, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees, and current degree program, department and adviser. For agency or non-agency applicants, the name of your agency, department or office and applicable professional background. Also, describe in a short paragraph the project of which the grant would be applied to and include a proposed budget of how the $2,000 would be used.

Submit applications to the Grand Canyon Historical Society by emailing or mailing them to Grand Canyon Historical Society Scholarship and Research Grant, c/o Mari Carlos, P.O. Box 1667, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023. For more information, contact Mari Carlos at