Generosity + Loyalty + Pride = Lumberjacks!

A special message from Dr. Stewart Witzeman:

We did the math and the answer is clear: Lumberjacks are the best!

Inspired to give by Dr. Stewart Witzeman ’79 and Kerry Witzeman, you and the NAU alumni family came out in full force to support students and unlock the Witzemans’ $20,000 gift through the Witzeman Family Challenge.

Here’s how the numbers add up:

  • Total alumni donors: 2,741
  • Total giving: $1,644,985
    • The equivalent of full in-state scholarships for 100 students + dining scholarships for 200 students + $350,000 for innovative research!
  • 444 different areas funded
  • 161 first-time donors
  • 63 percent of gifts $100 or less

2,000 alumni donors unlocked the Witzemans’ gift: $10,000 to the NAU Dining Scholarship and $10,0000 to the Lumberjack Emergency Assistance Fund.

Your gifts truly make a difference for current and future students. Thank you for your support!

Tallie Valverde