Furlough time should be finalized

As the semester and fiscal year draw to a close, spring break is a good opportunity to use any remaining furlough hours.

Faculty and staff are asked to submit their plans for taking remaining furlough hours by March 15. This information should be given to the chair or supervisor.

Furlough time not scheduled by spring break can be set by chairs or supervisors.

Furlough time needs to be taken before the end of the fiscal or contract year. As an option, an employee can request that previously paid time off (vacation, holiday, sick, snow closure) from this fiscal year be designated as a furlough day. The pay reduction would come out of the paycheck after the ROA is processed.

Employees who have a balance of furlough hours at the end of the fiscal or contract year will have previously paid time off designated as furlough time and the final paycheck reduced accordingly.

Faculty and staff can view remaining furlough hours to be taken by going to LOUIE > Self Service > Pay and Compensation > View Leave Balances. Furlough balances will not be visible to individuals who have taken all their hours by the end of 2009.

Department heads can view faculty and staff furlough balances by looking at biweekly leave reports, available through departmental timekeeping staff.

For detailed information on furloughs see the Mandatory Furlough Information or more information on ensuring that furlough time is taken, employees and managers can refer to Completing Furlough Requirements.