Fundraising campaign brings values into focus

Mason Gerety

          by Mason Gerety, Vice President for Advancement

Few question why Northern Arizona University introduces modern academic programs and develops innovative lines of research, or opens new pathways to potential students.

But launching a multiyear fundraising campaign seems to take a little more explanation. It shouldn’t.

A campaign, after all, ties directly to the university’s values and core mission. Organized fundraising with a prominent goal clearly demonstrates vision and leadership. So as we roll out “The Campaign for NAU,” it might help to view the next few years as an opportunity to get to the heart of the NAU story.

We like telling this story because inevitably it leads to the people who make NAU more than just another university. The successful student, or insightful professor, or dedicated staff member who took that extra step, just because. These are the people underlying the theme “Only at NAU.”

Their individual stories tell of determination, inspiration and even courage. They leave no doubt that this is a university committed to undergraduate education—one that also pursues research for the benefit of the community.

All of this leads to the justification for having a campaign, as well as the reason it will succeed. NAU is going to raise $100 million partly because of its demonstrated success and partly because of the promise of so much more.

The generosity of our donors is always appreciated and often unexpected, and their reasons for giving are as varied as the hundreds of programs and thousands of students that comprise NAU. But one constant is the satisfaction that comes from knowing they are making a real difference at a place that changes lives.

Ultimately, “The Campaign for NAU” really comes down to each person who chooses to offer some support, no matter how modest. Your part of the story is waiting to be told.