From lightbulbs to podcasts, ‘Inside NAU’ TV is filled with bright ideas

This week’s ‘Inside NAU’ television series visits with Jack Daniels, head distance coach at the High Altitude Center, to discuss the merits of high altitude training. The High Altitude Training Center is one of just 10 official training sites for the Olympics.

Next stop on host Theresa Bierer’s ‘Inside’ tour is to Tuba City to learn more about one of seven Distance Learning sites on the Navajo Nation. The bachelor’s in education program has graduated 200 students so far and is training individuals to work in the community.

Catch a peek of the new telescope at the Atmospheric Research Observatory. Starring David Cornelison and Barry Lutz, this segment of ‘Inside NAU’ TV will explain why a new telescope was needed and how the new one is equipped with a better mirror and can accommodate a camera and an eyepiece.

Learn why e-Learning thinks iTunesU might be right for you. Lorraine Elder explains iTunesU and how NAU can harness its communication powers.

Listen to David Brumbaugh find a seismic fault on Lake Mary Road and about the $500,000 grant that NAU, U of A and ASU received jointly to purchase new seismometer equipment.

And finally, Cindy May from APS, and Heather Farley from the Office of Sustainability, remind us to take advantage of the free CFL light bulbs that APS is distributing to NAU and Flagstaff in an effort to educate people on simple ways to reduce energy. They have given away 10,000 lightbulbs so far in this campaign.