Follett ensures bookstore is ready for upcoming semesters

The Follett Higher Education Group has completed a smooth transition to managing the NAU Bookstore, and has made book adoptions, book buybacks and providing used books an ongoing priority

“Follett’s ability to meet the needs and expectations of both Flagstaff campus and distance learning students and faculty is of prime importance,” said Bruce Bryant, who is serving as the bookstore’s contract administrator. “The staff at the NAU Bookstore, including many of the people with whom NAU faculty has worked with for years, remains dedicated to providing the best possible service.”

In fact, bookstore staff will have the Dome Zone open for business and stocked in time for Friday’s commencement ceremonies at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the Skydome.

Bryant also wants to reassure faculty and staff that the bookstore is prepared to handle any upcoming adoption requests.

“Bookstore personnel are ready to accept, process and order all texts, education materials and supplies needed for all upcoming semesters, including Winter Session,” Bryant said. “They have the professionalism, technology and desire to help us improve services to our students, staff and faculty.”

Anyone with questions can e-mail For phone information about textbooks, call Angel Zamorano at (928) 523-2925. Bryant is available at (928) 523-0200 or to provide additional assistance.