Faculty/Academic Professionals Awards 2006

President’s Awards 2006

  • Charles “Chuck” Connell, History
  • Deborah McCormick, Health Sciences
  • Brant Short, School of Communication
  • Laura Taylor, Cline Library

College/Consortium Teacher of the Year Awards

  • Michael Costelloe, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • William “Mac” Groves, College of Arts & Letters
  • Michael Ketterer, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Chris Lanterman, College of Education
  • Martha “Marty” Lee, Consortium of Professional Schools
  • Chris Scherpereel,┬áCollege of Business Administration

Faculty Development: Teaching Scholar Award
The Teaching Scholar Award is presented to a faculty member who has achieved distinction both as a teacher and as a scholar or artist.

  • Mary McGroarty, English

Faculty Development: Faculty Advisor Award
The Faculty Advisor Award is presented to a faculty member who has fulfilled, in an extremely noteworthy manner, all responsibilities and duties as an advisor of undergraduate and/or graduate students, in addition to maintaining regular assignments in teaching, scholarship, technology development or other assignments.

  • Paul Ferlazzo, English

Full Professor

  • Gypsy Denzine, Educational Psychology
  • K. Laurie Dickson, Psychology
  • Dayle Hardy-Short, School of Communication
  • R. Dawn Hawley, Geography, Planning and Recreation
  • Richard Howey, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bruce Hungate, Biological Sciences
  • Nancy Johnson, Environmental Sciences
  • Mary McLellan, Educational Psychology
  • Richard McNeill, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Marianne Neilsen, Criminal Justic
  • Nita Paden, Marketing
  • Mary Reid, Geology
  • David Schlosberg, Political Science
  • Diane Stearns, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Bruce Urdang, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Craig VanLengen, Computer Information Systems
  • Heidi Wayment, Psychology

Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Alison Adams, Biological Sciences
  • Nadine Barlow, Physics & Astronomy
  • Jeff Berglund, English
  • Joyce DeVoss, Educational Psychology
  • Paul Donnelly, Humanities, Arts & Religion
  • Pauline Entin, Biological Sciences
  • Juanita Heredia, Modern Languages
  • Jason Hess, School of Art
  • Zsuzsanna Gulacsi, Humanities, Arts & Religion
  • Shafiu Jibrin, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Lynn Jones, Criminal Justice
  • David Koerner, Physics & Astronomy
  • William “Pit” Kolodinsky, Educational Psychology
  • James Leve, School of Music
  • Jerry Lewis, Educational Leadership
  • Valerie Middleton, Teaching & Learning
  • Elaine Riley-Taylor, Educational Leadership
  • John Rothfork, English
  • Nando Schellen, English
  • Chih-Hsiung Tu, Educational Specialties


  • Earl Duque, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jani Ingram, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Daniel Schmidt, School of Music
  • John Tester, Mechanical Engineering

Continuing Status

  • Heidi Fogelberg, Cline Library
  • Martha Portree, Cline Library

Associate Clinical Professor

  • Valerie Carter, Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Marjorie Reveal, Dental Hygiene

Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

  • Mary Bowers, Management
  • Lynn Gardner, Honors Program
  • Catherine “Katie” Louchart, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Nancy Sullivan, Music

Emeritus (effective 05-06)

  • Valeen Avery, History
  • Sandra Dannenfeldt, Business
  • Karl Doerry, Modern Languages
  • Vicki Green, Psychology
  • Margaret Hatcher, Educational Leadership
  • Walter “Hoppy” Hopkins, Electrical Engineering
  • Lester Hunt, Psychology
  • Evangeline Jacobs, Business
  • Michael Kanan, Sociology and Social Work
  • Marilyn Kostka, Music
  • Sharon Porter, Communication
  • Tom Reno, Educational Leadership

Emeritus (effective 06-07)

  • Anna-Marie Aldaz, Modern Languages
  • Peter Blakey, Electrical Engineering
  • Margaret Conger, Nursing
  • Jerry Hatfield, Electrical Engineering
  • Nick Lund, Educational Psychology
  • Dickson Mungazi, Educational Leadership
  • Florence Riegelhaupt, Modern Languages
  • Phyllis Schiller, Social Work