Faculty, staff invited to subscribe to new listserv on Native American issues

The Commission for Native Americans invites faculty and staff to subscribe to a new listserv that will disseminate information about Native American issues and activities at Northern Arizona University.

The commission advises the president on matters related to Native American needs, issues and opportunities, establishes related goals and priorities, engages Native American faculty, staff and students in conversations and disseminates information.

Those interested in subscribing to the new listserv should send an email message from their NAU email account to listserv@lists.nau.edu with a single line of text in the body of the message that reads:

subscribe NA_Faculty_Staff first name last name

For example:

subscribe NA_Faculty_Staff Gary Smith

Do not include a subject line.

The NAU listserv system will automatically extract your email address and name from your message and add it to the subscriber list. A confirmation email will be sent to the subscriber to confirm the subscription.

Questions may be directed to commission co-chairs Jeremy Ashley, ja327@nau.edu, or Karen Jarratt-Snider, Karen.Jarratt-Snider@nau.edu.