Faculty classification review results in adjustments

Another step in the NAU administration’s commitment to improving faculty salaries has been completed, resulting in 120 faculty members changing their CIP codes and about half of those receiving salary adjustments.

Affected faculty should receive notification of any changes this week. If there is a monetary adjustment, they will see that change in the Jan. 15 paycheck with the increase retroactive to Jan. 1.

A committee organized by Provost Liz Grobsmith reviewed all faculty Classification of Instructional Program codes, developed guidelines for evaluating CIP assignments and asked department chairs to review classifications.

Changes requested by department chairs were reviewed by the committee to ensure that they were consistent with the new guidelines.

The committee included Blase Scarnati, associate professor of music and president of the Faculty Senate; Susanna Maxwell, vice provost for Academic Personnel; Ron Pitt, associate provost for Academic Administration; and Karen Appleby, senior assistant to the provost.

New salary adjustments were based on the individual’s current salary’s relationship to their College and University Personnel Association rank and discipline. Someone who is currently at 96 percent of their old CIP’s CUPA median will be at 96 percent of the new CIP’s CUPA median up to maximum 100 percent.

Only positive salary adjustments based on new CIP codes were implemented, with no faculty member’s salary adjusted negatively. Questions concerning the CIP changes should be directed to Appleby at Karen.Appleby@nau.edu.