Faculty Awards 2014

President’s Award for Faculty and Academic Professionals

  • Bruce Fox, Professor, School of Forestry
  • Kathee Rose, Librarian, Cline Library

Distinguished Teaching Fellow

  • Andrew Walters, Professor, Psychology

College Teachers of the Year

  • Alyce Jordan
    Professor, Comparative Cultural Studies
    College of Arts and Letters
  • Andrew Walters
    Professor, Psychology
    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Tad Theimer
    Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
    College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences
  • Todd Johnson
    Senior Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
    The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Walter Delecki
    Clinical Professor, Educational Leadership
    College of Education
  • Susan Stutler
    Associate Professor, NAU-Yuma
    Extended Campuses
  • Jay Sutliffe
    Associate Clinical Professor, Health Sciences
    College of Health and Human Services
  • Jacob Dolence
    University College

Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Global Learning

  • Terry Baxter
    Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Environmental Engineering
  • Gretchen Knudson Gee
    Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Affairs

Provost’s Award for Departmental Excellence in Global Learning

  • Department of Dental Hygiene

Provost’s Award for Undergraduate Inquiry and Creativity Mentorship

  • Dana Ernst
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • University College Liberal Studies

Faculty Excellence Award

  • George Rudebusch
    Professor, Philosophy

University College Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

  • Gary Dunagan
    Senior Lecturer, Health Sciences

Emeritus Appointments

  • Anne Hart
    Associate Professor, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
  • Curtis Hinsley
    Regents’ Professor, History, Comparative Cultural Studies
  • Gae Johnson
    Professor, Teaching and Learning
  • William Martin
    Professor, Educational Psychology
  • M. J. McMahon
    Executive Vice President and Professor, Health Sciences
  • Max Oelschlaeger
    Professor, Comparative Cultural Studies
  • Craig Roberts
    Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Jim Sexton
    Regents’ Professor, Anthropology
  • Sandra Stone
    Professor, Teaching and Learning
  • Karen Underhill
    Librarian, Cline Library
  • John Wettaw
    Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Steve Wilson
    Professor, Mathematics

In Memorium

  • Geeta Chowdhry
  • Francis Michael Miles
  • Anne Eagan

Promotion and Tenure


  • Christopher Scherpereel, Management
  • Susan Williams, Management
  • Rodrigo De Toledo, School of Communication
  • Michelle Harris, Sociology and Social Work
  • Lynn Jones, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Eric Otenyo, Politics and International Affairs
  • Janine Schipper, Sociology and Social Work
  • Mary Tolan, School of Communication
  • Laura Umphrey, School of Communication
  • Nancy Barron, English
  • Pamela Stephens, School of Art
  • Franklin Willis, School of Art
  • Pauline Entin, Biological Sciences
  • Nandor Sieben, Mathematics and Statistics

Research Professor

  • Neil Cobb, Biological Sciences

Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Shadow Armfield, Educational Specialties
  • Michael Schwanenberger, Educational Leadership
  • Joseph Wegwert, Teaching and Learning
  • Julie Mueller, Economics
  • Emi Isaki, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Priscilla Sanderson, Health Sciences
  • Corina Kellner, Anthropology
  • Rebecca Maniglia, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Kimberly Mitchell, School of Communication
  • Stephen Nuño, Politics and International Affairs
  • Jonathan Torn, School of Communication
  • Ricardo Guthrie, Ethnic Studies
  • Chad Hamill, Applied Indigenous Studies
  • Okim Kang, English
  • Nicole Price, Global Languages and Cultures
  • Mara Reisman, English

  • Robert Saunders, Music

  • Heidi Feigenbaum, Mechanical Engineering

  • John Georgas, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Brent Nelson, Mechanical Engineering

  • Erik Nielsen, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

  • John Tingerthal, Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Environmental Engineering

Principal Lecturer

  • William Pederson, NAU-Yuma
  • Nicole Bauge, Global Languages and Cultures

Senior Lecturer

  • Sarah Holcomb, Accounting
  • Jennifer  Mitchell, Marketing
  • Jennifer  Staskey, Accounting
  • Arianne Burford, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Stephani Williams, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Aaron Divine,  Geography, Planning and Recreation
  • Daniel Serpas, Global Languages and Cultures
  • Juliana Suby, Global Languages and Cultures
  • Christopher Wargo, Global Languages and Cultures
  • Robyn Martin, Honors
  • Elisa Kennedy, Mathematics and Statistics

Associate Research Professor

  • Brett Dickson, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

Associate Clinical Professor

  • Karyn Blair, Educational Leadership
  • Lorie Kroneberger, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Associate Professor of Practice

  • Bryan Cooperrider, Mechanical Engineering

Academic Professional

  • Amy Hughes, Cline Library