Faculty Awards 2009

Award-winning faculty Monica Brown, Gypsy Denzine and James Leve.
Award-winning faculty Monica Brown, Gypsy Denzine and James Leve

President’s Award for Faculty

  • Monica Brown, associate professor, English
  • Gypsy Denzine, associate dean, College of Education
  • James Leve, associate professor, School of Music

Distinguished Teaching Fellows

  • Miguel Vasquez, professor of anthropology
  • Laura Gray-Rosendale, professor of English

College Teacher of the Year Awards

  • Teachers of the Year
    Provost Liz Grobsmith, left, stands with the six College Teachers of the Year: Mary Bowers, Yvonne Luna, Chunhye Kim Lee, David Pierotti, Michael Blocher and Paul Donnelly. Photo by Jerry Foreman

    Paul Donnelly, associate professor, Humanities, Arts and Religion, College of Arts and Letters

  • Michael Blocher, associate professor, Educational Specialties, College of Education
  • David Pierotti, associate professor, Biological Sciences, College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences
  • Chunhye Kim Lee, associate professor, Applied Chemistry and Nutrition Sciences, College of Health and Human Services
  • Yvonne Luna, assistant professor, Sociology and Social Work, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Mary Bowers, senior lecturer, The W.A. Franke College of Business


  • Tom Acker, Mechanical Engineering
  • Steven Barger, Psychology
  • Jason BeDuhn, Humanities, Arts and Religion
  • Elizabeth Brauer, Electrical Engineering
  • Monica Brown, English
  • Paul Dutton, History
  • Charles Hammersley, Geography, Planning, and Recreation
  • Alyce Jordan, Humanities, Arts and Religion
  • Fernando Monroy, Biological Sciences
  • Thomas Paradis, Geography, Planning, and Recreation
  • David Pierotti, Biological Sciences
  • Steven Rosendale, English
  • Daniel Schmidt, School of Music
  • Anne Scott, English
  • Kristen Swanson, School of Communication

Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Gerard Allan, Biological Sciences
  • Patrick Battles, Theater
  • Debbie Craig, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
  • William Crawford, English
  • Leilah Danielson, History
  • Stephen Dunn, School of Music
  • Kate Ellis, Theater
  • Jeffrey Hovermill, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Ruihong Huang, Geography, Planning, and Recreation
  • Eric Otenyo, Politics and International Affairs
  • Wolf-Dieter Otte, Computer Science
  • Verónica Pérez-Rodríguez, Anthropology
  • Jennifer Prior, Teaching and Learning
  • Deborah Raymond, School of Music
  • Rick Stamer, School of Music
  • David Vining, School of Music
  • Jin Wang, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Richard Wiggall, Educational Leadership

Principal Lecturer

  • Beverly Amer, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Rita Borden, School of Music
  • Anne Slobodchikoff, Modern Languages

Senior Lecturer

  • Laura Michael-Blocher, Teaching and Learning
  • Sigmund Boloz, Teaching and Learning
  • April Brady, Educational Specialties
  • Jennie DeGroat, Educational Specialties
  • Christopher Lanterman, Educational Specialties
  • James Reed, Sociology and Social Work

Clinical Professor

  • Dean Pielstick, NAU-Yuma, Tucson office

Associate Clinical Professor

  • Vicki Ardisana, Yuma
  • Canda Byrne, School of Nursing
  • Mary Culver, Educational Leadership
  • Nancy Duke, Teaching and Learning
  • Louise Lockard, Educational Specialties
  • Diana Uyder, Teaching and Learning

Associate Research Professor

  • Neil Cobb, Biological Sciences
  • Loretta Mayer, Biological Sciences

Continuing Status

  • Kathryn Rose, Academic Programs Librarian
  • Todd Welch, Digital Access Librarian


  • Claudia Bakula
  • Virginia Blankenship
  • Charlotte Goodluck
  • Patrick Hannon
  • Robert Johnston
  • David Kitterman
  • Susan Mansfield
  • Helaine McLain
  • Jim Mead
  • Paul Morgan
  • Bruce Palmer
  • Gary Tallman