Faculty Awards 2008

Award ceremony

Regents’ Professor

  • William Grabe, professor of English

Distinguished Teaching Fellows

  • Jeff Berglund, associate professor of English
  • Geeta Chowdhry, professor of political science
  • Brandon Cruickshank, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

President’s Award for Faculty/Academic Professionals

  • Miguel Vasquez, professor of anthropology
  • Heidi Wayment, chair of psychology

College Teacher of the Year Awards

  • Michael Amundson, associate professor of history, College of Arts and Letters
  • David Albritton, assistant professor of business administration, The W.A. Franke College of Business
  • Kathy Eastwood, professor of physics and astronomy, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Pamela Powell, assistant professor of teaching and learning, College of Education
  • Ellen Larson, senior lecturer of health sciences, College of Health and Human Services
  • Virginia Blankenship, professor of psychology, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Full Professor

  • Brent Burch, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mary Dereshiwsky, Educational Leadership
  • Christian Downum, Anthropology
  • Paul Flikkema, Electrical Engineering
  • Laura Gray-Rosendale, English
  • Sibylle Gruber, English
  • George Gumerman, Anthropology
  • Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Anthropology
  • Cynthia Kosso, History
  • Elise Lindstedt, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Gary Martin, Educational Leadership
  • Phoebe Morgan, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Sheila Nair, Political Science
  • Cecilia Ojeda, Modern Languages
  • Michael Ort, Center for Environmental Science and Education, Geology
  • Karen Plager, Nursing
  • Randi Reppen, English
  • Marin Robinson, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Richard Rogers, Communication
  • Jim Sample, Geology
  • Abe Springer, Geology
  • Timothy Thomason, Educational Psychology

Full Professor with Tenure

  • James Allen, Forestry

Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Kathy Bohan, Educational Psychology
  • Rodrigo De Toledo, Communication
  • Tara Green, Department of English and Ethnic Studies
  • Mark James, Physics and Astronomy and Center for Science Teaching and Learning
  • Astrid Klocke, Modern Languages
  • Kimberly McDonough, English
  • Joel Olson, Political Science
  • Ricardo Pereira, Music
  • Egbert Schwartz, Biological Sciences
  • Pamela Stephens, Art
  • Mary Tolan, Communication
  • Laura Umphrey, Communication
  • Andrew Walters, Psychology
  • Paul Wiener, Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Janna Jones, Communication

Associate Clinical Professor

  • Laura Crouch, Nursing
  • Rosalinda Haddon, Nursing
  • Michael Skelton, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Principal Lecturer

  • Margaret Gunderson, Music
  • Paul Helford, Communication
  • Kent Moore, Music
  • Marsha Yowell, Communication

Senior Lecturer

  • Nicole Bauge, Modern Languages
  • William Pederson, Sociology and Social Work


  • Joseph Boles, Humanities, Arts and Religion
  • Gary Buckley, Political Science
  • Paul Brynteson, Health Sciences
  • Eugene Cruz-Uribe, History
  • Leland Dexter,Geography, Planning and Recreation
  • Robert Fallows, Education
  • James Fitzmaurice, English
  • Richard Foust, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • William Gibson, Psychology
  • Edward Groenhout, Art
  • David Hartman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Hill, Cline Library
  • Gerald Hughes, Sociology and Social Work
  • Tom Knights, Communication
  • Alden Lorents, Business
  • Eugene Loverich, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sheryl Lutjens, Political Science
  • Ron Markle, Biological Science
  • Jon Ozmun, Business
  • Peggy Raines, Education
  • Glen Reed, English
  • Judith Sellers, Nursing
  • Paul Torrence, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Peter Vivona, Music