Faculty and staff invited to development series

A series of faculty development presentations about teaching and learning are in queue to engage faculty and staff.

The New Directions in Diversity: Issues in Teaching and Scholarship presentations focus on “emerging scholarly questions and how scholarly work influences teaching,” said Linda Shadiow, a professor of educational leadership in the College of Education.

Sponsored by the Office of the President, the series is brought to campus by the Ethnic Studies and the Faculty Development Program.

It kicks off with “Insights from Diversity within the Hispanic Community” from 9 to 11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19, in the Havasupai Room of the University Union. Panelists include Sara Alemán, director of Ethnic Studies, David Camacho, associate vice president of diversity, Jeronimo Vasquez, an instructor in ethnic studies, and Mark Montoya, an instructor in political science. Miguel Vasquez, a professor of anthropology will moderate the session.

The series runs through spring and includes a host of topics ranging from working with online classes to insights from Native American studies and more.

President John Haeger will award a certificate of participation to faculty members who attend a majority of sessions.

The series is open to all NAU faculty and staff. Participants are encouraged to register for events by calling (928) 523-9972 or go by visiting the faculty development web site.