Exceptional teachers rewarded

Excellent Teachers

The accomplishments and contributions from faculty and academic professionals were recognized and awarded during the Faculty/Academic Professional Awards ceremony in Ashurst Auditorium April 10.

President John Haeger and Provost Liz Grobsmith presented 61 awards to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in their profession throughout the year.

“Teachers are underappreciated. On a daily basis teachers must meet the demands of teaching, research and reaching out into the community,” Haeger said. “This event is where we can recognize the exceptional faculty members of this university.”

The President’s Awards went to recipients who have made exemplary contributions to the NAU mission in at least three categories: creativity in teaching, creative use of technology, advising, assessment, recruitment/retention, collaborative research, diversity and service.

Haeger presented President’s Awards to Charles Connell, professor and associate chair for the history department; Laura Taylor, an academic professional for Cline Library; Brant Short, a professor and director of the master’s of arts in applied communication; and Deborah McCormick, an assistant clinical professor and coordinator of three distance learning programs in the health sciences department.

For a complete list of awards, click here.