Evidence proves Girls in Science Summer Day Camp a success

science club

The CSI camp may bear a new name—e-tools for Girls Investigating Real Life Sciences—but its mission to get girls hooked on science remains the same.

Sponsored by the Center for
Applied Research in Environmental Endocrinology, the Girls in Science Summer Day Camp is modeled after the popular television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Small groups of young scientists are sent to investigate the scenes of pre-staged crimes as a way to engage them in science through biology and chemistry research techniques.

The beginning level camp, for girls who are at least 13, is from July 20-24.The advanced camp, for girls who are at least 16 years old or have already attended the beginning camp, also will begin July 20, but it may expand to two weeks in length with additional grant funding.

Over the past three years, 28 girls have attended the science camp for girls program, with 18 of these attending more than once.

Information and an application are available at the e-GIRLS web site or contact MaryLynn Quartaroli at marylynn.quartaroli@nau.edu or (928) 523-1026, or e-mail NAUegirls@gmail.com.