Emergency closure may be a good time to take furlough

Faculty and staff having difficulty finding days for furloughs may choose to take furlough days or hours during the emergency closure that occurred last week on Jan. 21 and 22. For faculty and other staff not working during that time, spring break is another good opportunity to take furlough.

Those taking furlough for all or part of Jan. 21 or 22 or who are planning their time between now and end of semester or fiscal year, should complete the Record of Absence form and submit to their chair or supervisor and department timekeeping staff.

NAU President John Haeger adopted the furlough plan as one way of addressing the university’s budget decreases. Employees whose salaries are $40,000 a year or more in FY2010 are responsible for taking three furlough days before July 1.  Employees whose salaries are less than that are required to take one furlough day. Faculty on academic contracts must complete furlough before the end of the semester.

Faculty and staff can view the amount of furlough taken so far and how much is remaining to take by going to LOUIE where vacation and sick hours are tracked. (LOUIE > Self Service > Pay and Compensation > View Leave Balances). Department heads can view faculty and staff furlough balances by looking at biweekly leave reports (available through departmental timekeeping staff).

The mandatory furlough plan applies to regular benefit-eligible faculty, administrators, academic professionals, classified staff and service professionals. Details can be found here.