Email problems affecting iPhone, iPad users

iPhone mail setup

A recent software upgrade for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has caused the NAU mail servers to become unresponsive. As a result, ITS has blocked access to the email server from upgraded devices so all other users can continue to access email.

If you have upgraded to iOS 6.1, your device will not be allowed to access email from the built-in Mail application. You will receive a “Cannot Get Mail” error message with details that “The user name or password for your account is” incorrect. If you log in through Outlook or OWA you receive an email saying “Your mobile phone has been denied access to the server.”

To access your account on your iPhone or iPad, go to in Safari to check on mail and calendar events.

Do not upgrade your device to iOS 6.1 if you have not already done so. Currently, there is no resolution for this problem, which is occurring worldwide. Apple is aware of the issue, and ITS will notify campus as the situation develops.