Elevate your giving with the NAU Fund

NAU has launched its annual Faculty and Staff Campaign for the NAU Fund, asking for investments into the future of NAU and a vote of confidence for the work of faculty and staff.

The campaign, which allows NAU employees to give any amount to any university area they choose, builds funding for a dependable source of non-legislative funding to support the university’s activities and its educational mission.

While the state of Arizona provides the foundation of support needed to operate a modern university, “it takes private gifts to transform NAU into the exemplary educational enterprise that is our vision,” saysStephen Riggs, director of the NAU Fund. “Having a high percentage of employee contributors also is an important signal to outside entities that the insiders, who know this institution best, believe in it enough to support it financially.”

NAU Fund dollars allow the university to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and to meet critical needs, such as such as purchasing technology and research equipment, library books and musical instruments. It also helps recruit faculty, guest lecturers and enables students and faculty to travel to conferences and competitions. Contributions also provide student scholarships and supports student services, including tutoring, advising, counseling and health-care needs.

“It’s groovy to give,” says¬†Loretta Mayer, an assistant research professor in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

“As a member of the baby boom generation, the 1960s were really good to me. But as the flowers dried, I traded my bell bottoms for a more productive position in society, and I came to understand that a solid investment in what we do ensures the successful outcome of our work,” Mayer says. “Making contributions back to the university is consistent with my investment philosophy and helps me ensure the success of our academic and research community.”

Karen Applequist, an associate professor in the College of Education, also looks to her past for her modern giving.

“My annual gift, earmarked for scholarships, represents my commitment to making a college education more attainable for students,” Applequist said. “Scholarships made the difference for my family and I know they can make a difference for others.”

Theresa Stacy-Ryan, a publications specialist in the College of Business Administration, reminds people, “As employees, we also have the option of giving by payroll deduction, which makes giving back to NAU a simple and easy process, allowing us to give a lump sum or spread our giving out over time. I give because I believe that education is the hope for our children’s future.”

For information or to donate, www.advancement.nau.edu.