EDEN initiative designed to elevate NAU’s digital experience

Northern Arizona University has launched a major initiative designed to overhaul the university’s approach to managing online content.

Eden previewAccording to Mason Gerety, vice president for University Advancement, the EDEN initiative came about after extensive market research demonstrated a critical need to improve the perception of the university as seen through digital channels.The initiative encompasses several projects that have been consolidated into a university-wide campaign dubbed EDEN, which stands for Elevating the Digital Experience at NAU.

“Our web presence—not just our website—is how many of our audiences get their first look at Northern Arizona University,” Gerety said. “How they perceive the university’s quality and ability to meet their needs is directly impacted by the digital experience they have.”

Key EDEN projects include the creation of a university-wide approach to web content strategy and conversion, a new site design, and the acquisition of a new content management system. These projects—along with ones related to social media, mobile technology and accessibility—are intended to provide a strategic approach to helping the university do a better job of meeting the needs of its web visitors.

In order to help members of the university community understand more about EDEN, a website was launched this week—nau.edu/eden—that contains key information, milestones and updates.