Dutch students return to NAU for video workshop

Dutch students share their 2010 video production

For the eighth year, the Electronic Media and Film program of Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication will host more than 100 students from The Netherlands.

Students from NHTV Breda University of Professional Education will take part in two three-week video production workshops, presented by the school’s Electronic Media Program.

The workshops will help better prepare participating students, as well as their workshop instructors, for working in a variety of settings and familiarize them with what is becoming a global entertainment market.

The Breda students are in NHTV’s Media and Entertainment Management program. At NAU they will take workshop classes in studio production, field production and editing, and announcing, performing and writing.

Their end product will be a 60-minute magazine-style program, featuring stories about Northern Arizona. At the end of each three-week workshop the students will produce and host the magazine program.

The program for the first workshop will be shown on local cable TV and will be available at naunhtv.com, where previous episodes also are available.

The first workshop runs from May 23-June 10, and the second workshop begins June 13 and concludes on July 1.