Drug, alcohol policies and information online

Northern Arizona University is committed to providing a healthy educational environment, consistent with university policies and free from unlawful acts.

In addition, NAU must certify compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act (41 USCA 701), the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (20 USCA 7101) and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Regulations (34 CFR 86).

As such, the university is taking this opportunity to inform faculty and staff of the health risks, university policies, university and legal sanctions and the prevention/intervention programs associated with alcohol and other drug abuse.

Faculty and staff resources are available online and include:

University policies on alcohol and drugs
Health risks associated with alcohol and drugs
Prevention and intervention programs
Legal sanctions/disciplinary actions
Medical marijuana statement

If you have questions or would like a printed copy of this material, contact the Human Resources Department at (928) 523-2223, via email at hr.contact@nau.edu or visit the HR website.