Donate coffee money and get a travel mug

Coffee cups

This year’s annual Employee Giving Campaign will be as welcome as a warm cup of coffee—or tea.

The campaign, with the theme Oz. 4 Oz.,will begin April 6, when NAU faculty, staff and administrators will be asked to support NAU’s mission with a financial gift of any size to any NAU area.

“It’s an opportunity to show our students and our community that we believe in what we do,” said Anne Marie Mackler, a coordinator in the Office of University Advancement.

Mackler explained that with every contribution—even a gift equal to the cost of a cup of coffee—an employee will receive a travel mug and a Sodexo coupon for a cup of coffee or tea (Starbucks for employees not in Flagstaff).

“And it’s a cup that keeps on giving: You get a 25-cent discount with every use,” she said. “It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’.”

A hot beverage at a campus coffee shop costs about $1.70.

“If every employee donated one cup with every paycheck, we’d see more than $160,000 benefitting NAU students and programs,” she added. “Funds can go to your own department or your favorite scholarship.”

Campaign organizers are seeking team leaders from each department and area to help with the event. Contact Mackler at (928) 523-0668 or