Northern Arizona University offering Digital JacksCard on iPhone and Apple Watch

NAU student holding phone and physical ID

NAU students on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus can now add their Digital JacksCard to their Apple Wallet and use their iPhone and Apple Watch to access buildings on campus, purchase meals, enter campus recreation facilities and student events and more.

Students can say goodbye to their physical student ID cards and can now get around campus with just their student ID on their iPhone or Apple Watch. By simply tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader where physical JacksCards are accepted, they can enter buildings, including Cline Library and Campus Health Services; university buses; recreational facilities and resources; and other student events, in addition to using it for their meal plan, Jacks Debit Express and Dining Dollars.

The move from physical cards to Digital JacksCard on iPhone and Apple Watch allows for a transaction that is safe and convenient; and helps students avoid touching the readers or handing their ID cards to someone else. NAU can also issue school IDs remotely without the need to see students in-person or print and mail physical cards, creating a safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly process.

“We have the opportunity to significantly enhance the student experience by providing additional security and convenience to our Lumberjack community,” NAU President José Luis Cruz Rivera said. “Digital JacksCard aligns with the university’s commitment to innovation, and we are very excited to roll this out.”

Having Digital JacksCard iPhone and Apple Watch provides an extra level of security and privacy, so students do not need to worry about misplacing their physical card when they are enjoying campus life, and transaction history is never shared with Apple or stored on Apple servers. If a student misplaces their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to immediately lock their device and help locate it.

Digital JacksCard on iPhone or Apple Watch is also protected by Two-Step Verification to ensure only the student can access their own account, even if someone else knows their password.

Digital JacksCard works with iPhone 6s and later and Apple Watch Series 1 and later. To set up Digital JacksCard or for more information, visit the Digital JacksCard website. Physical JacksCards will continue to be accepted and available.

The Digital JacksCards will soon be available to faculty and staff. Information for Android users is forthcoming.

NAU Communications