Dam that spam: ITS filter helps block bothersome e-mail

spam filter

Information Technology Services has completed a major revamping of ¬†NAU’s e-mail spam filter.

Faculty and staff should see a reduction in the amount of spam they receive each day. Student e-mail accounts will receive the benefit of the new filter early in the spring semester.

The “_LearnNewSpam” and “_LearnNotSpam” mail folders no longer function and will not be displayed once your mailbox list is refreshed. This feature is now being done before the mail is delivered to individual mail accounts.

If you need to block any spam that is getting through the new filter, or if you notice legitimate mail in your “Spam” folder, you can use the “allow list” and “block list” features supplied by the e-mail manager web page. For information about these features and other mail management tools, visit the e-mail manager¬†web site.

If you need assistance, call the ITS solution center at (928) 523-1511.