NAU’s COVID-19 updates: Textbook rentals, face mask recommendations

Northern Arizona University continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and adjust campus operations accordingly. For an updated number of cases in Coconino County, visit the Coconino County Health and Human Services website. To help protect yourself and others, follow the guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. State Department and the Arizona Department of Health and Safety.

Below is the latest information about NAU’s response. Refer to for updates.

NAU Bookstore: purchases and returns

The NAU Bookstore is still operating. Visit the NAU Bookstore webpage (click the “Covid-19” blue banner) for complete information on textbook rental returns and other resources.

The bookstore offers free online shipping on all items with no minimum purchase. This includes various formats of course materials, supplies, apparel, technology and more.

Access to e-books are offered at no additional charge. Visit RedShelf, to gain access to eBooks with an email address. Each student can access up to seven e-books for the designated period. A limited number of publishers are participating, but the number is growing.

The campus store is offering free shipping return labels and also is extending the non-return period without penalty to assist with increased returns by mail.

Face mask recommendations and resources

Face masks are not meant to entirely prevent the transmission of COVID-19, but wearing one in public when maintaining social distancing is difficult helps decrease and slow down the transmission of the virus. Below is information about the use of face masks.

Refer to the CDC for complete information and studies about face masks and the use of cloth face masks.

  • COVID-19 is transmissible from asymptomatic people, or those who may not know they are sick.
  • Surgical masks and N95 masks are not recommended for everyday wear; they should be reserved for use by health care personnel.
  • Fabric masks are an adequate substitute for surgical masks if social distancing is difficult or if you are in a public setting with other people nearby. Fabric masks can be worn all day.
  • A mask only works if worn correctly:
    • Cover nose AND mouth
    • Mask should fit snugly, but not restrict breathing
    • If mask has a pinchable wire insertion, use it to pinch it over the bridge of the nose
    • Remove and replace mask if soiled or wet
    • Launder fabric masks daily, if possible.
  • Masks trap the germs we are trying not to transmit to others; wash your hands after removing.
  • If you are in your office or at home, there is no need to wear a mask, as long as no one is ill.