Council supports academic leaders

St. Laurent

Roy St. Laurent will step down as chair for mathematics and statistics to serve as the new executive director of the Academic Chairs Council, replacing William Grabe, who will become the interim vice provost for research and dean of the Graduate College. The change takes effect July 1.

The Academic Chairs Council provides a forum for leaders of the university’s academic programs to become informed about campus developments that impact the institution’s ability to deliver educational programs. The director of the council must be a former department chair.

“It’s the council’s job to deliberate and advise the NAU administration on all aspects of academic policy and procedures and the executive director facilitates this forum,” St. Laurent said. “It is my goal to faithfully represent the independent voice of the chairs to the NAU administration and campus community.”

St. Laurent said the council also ensures that new department chairs are given the necessary support and training to be successful leaders of their academic programs. To support this effort, the council established a chair training workshop for new department chairs to be held in August.

“I will be working with the academic chairs and provost’s office staff to help develop this workshop, as well as several additional chair development opportunities scheduled across the academic year, building on the strong foundation established by my predecessor, Bill Grabe,” St. Laurent said.