Remembering tragic day reinforces core values

John Haeger

By John D. Haeger, President

As the 11th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the solemn impact of that date in our nation’s history.

The events of that tragic day are seared into the hearts of all of us, even if recalled only hazily, perhaps, by some of our younger students.

Whatever our individual experiences, 9/11 undoubtedly marks a watershed moment for our nation, when we came to realize the full scope of risks that the modern world holds for us, and the unity that we can feel in facing those hazards as Americans.

As the years pass, reactions to the date itself and to remembrances of it are as widely diverse as our campus community. On this day in particular, we have a special opportunity to demonstrate our university’s commitment to learning and understanding—a commitment that began on Sept. 11, 1899, with the founding of our own institution, Northern Arizona University.

May each of us embrace sensitivity, compassion and respect as core values on 9/11—an approach that I hope we always strive to maintain as faculty, staff and students.