Construction season waning with new upgrades on campus

Union expansion

Union expansionThe University Union expansion has added a bigger Starbucks, increased dining space and a corner market complete with freshly baked pizza, but projects across the Flagstaff campus this season have kept construction crews busy.

Agnes Drogi, director of Planning, Design and Construction, reports that several lower-profile projects to improve campus have been completed.

  • Renovation of several residence halls with upgrades to McDonald Hall rooms, shower privacy and laundry rooms
  • Renovation of several classrooms along with upgraded classroom technology throughout north and south campus
  • Expansion of the Lumberjack Mathematics Center in the Health and Learning Center
  • Concrete and asphalt repairs
  • Resurfacing of University Road between San Francisco and Reilly Hall
  • Enlarged pedway between the Union and Gabaldon Hall
  • Energy savings upgrades renovations in residence halls and academic buildings in partnership with NORESCO
  • Reroofing of the Nursing and SBS buildings
  • New Clay Mixing building for the Ceramic department (coming soon)
  • New chemical storage building on south campus

For a map and more detail, click here.