Concrete plan cures cracks

Orange barrier fences and signs warning students to alter their regular route are evidence of Concrete 2009—an annual repair of concrete that includes repairs to over 70 different locations on campus this year.

“We’re repairing broken curbs and sidewalks to improve safety and functionality of those facilities for the campus community,” said David Hook, project manager at Capital Assets. “Impacts to building access, pedestrian pathways and parking will vary from location to location while construction is underway. We will be communicating with Building Managers and other key NAU offices regularly to keep the campus community informed of these impacts.”

Local contractor Kinney Construction Services, or KCS, won the bid to repair and replace the concrete. In the third week of the eight-week project, good progress is being made thanks in part to the warm weather.

Click here to view a campus map showing the areas of campus that will be affected in the upcoming week. Bookmark this map if you would like to stay updated on each week’s repair location.

Click here to view a campus map showing the locations of all of the concrete repairs.