Compassionate Transfer of Leave an opportunity to help NAU coworkers

Several NAU employees on medical leaves of absence are in need of donated vacation hours because they have not accrued enough hours to remain in a paid status while on leave.

The university’s Compassionate Transfer of Leave program provides eligible employees with additional paid leave for a specific period of time due to catastrophic illness or injury.

To donate a portion of your accrued vacation hours to these employees:

  • Download and complete the “Contributor” information at the top of the Compassionate Transfer of Leave form.


  • Enter the number of accrued vacation hours you wish to donate. Note that you must retain a minimum balance of 80 vacation hours after the leave transfer.


  • Leave the “Recipient” name blank. Benefits advisor Alicia Howard will oversee the distribution of donated vacation hours to the seven employees who are eligible to receive them.


  • Sign and date as “Contributor” in the middle of the form.


  • Mail the form to Howard at NAU Box 4113.

For information, contact Alicia Howard at (928) 523-0243 or