Coffee gives jolt to employee giving campaign

faculty coffee

Donating to University Advancement’s annual Employee Giving Campaign might be just the thing to do if you’re looking to warm up on a cold, snowy day.

The Ounce 4 Ounce campaign already is brewing, and all NAU faculty, staff and administrators are asked to support NAU’s mission with a financial gift of any size to any NAU area.

“The generosity of our faculty and staff provides vital funds for important programs and departments on campus,” saidStephen Riggs, director of the NAU Fund. “At the same time, when alumni and other potential donors see that faculty and staff support the university’s mission through their dollars, it greatly strengthens the case for their support and underscores the tremendous service NAU employees provide to the students.”

For every contribution—even a gift equal to the cost of a cup of coffee—an employee will receive a travel mug and a Sodexo coupon for a cup of coffee or tea (Starbucks for employees not in Flagstaff). The mug entitles its owner to a 25-cent discount on all future coffee or tea purchases. The NAU Bookstore also is donating 20 percent discount coupons to all participating employees.

For information, contact Athena Hagerty at (928) 523-6730 or Stephen Riggs at (928)523-5051