City of Flagstaff helps fund Center for High Altitude Training

An Intergovernmental Agreement between the city of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University allocating $30,000 to the Center for High Altitude Training has been approved by the City Council and signed by representatives of both parties.

“The city of Flagstaff has supported the center since its inception over a decade ago, and we have been pleased to see continual growth in both the number of teams coming to Flagstaff and in the programs offered to local citizens,” said Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson. “The economic benefit the center brings to our community is great, but the international prestige and marketing value is even greater.”

Half of the money will support expenses related to marketing and community service.

The other half is in the form of athlete support for U.S. distance runners participating in the Flagstaff Running Project who meet established criteria.

“I would not be overstating it by saying that without the support I am receiving from the city of Flagstaff, I would be unable to pursue my running aspirations,” said runner, Paul Stoneham. “Flagstaff and the resources it provides is such a critical factor. Many of the athletes in Flagstaff have not only the vision but also the courage to set extremely high goals for themselves. The support of the city of Flagstaff fortifies that vision and we are extremely thankful for that.”

The Center for High Altitude Training hosts U.S. and international teams traveling to Flagstaff for training at altitude to enhance athletic performance. The U.S. Olympic Committee has designated the Center for High Altitude Training a U.S. Olympic Training Site, home to a Community Olympic Development Program and a U.S. Olympic Community Partner.