President Cheng discusses innovation in education during CETYS anniversary seminar

President Rita Cheng attended the International Seminar on Innovation in Higher Education as part of the CETYS University 55th Anniversary in Mexico this week. 

Northern Arizona University recently entered a partnership with CETYS to advance educational pathways for students at both institutions including a 4+1 pathway to a master’s degree.

“NAU has invested significantly in agreements with many partner institutions, including CETYS University, to ensure it is providing a pathway to higher education that students of all ages and in many locations want–a pathway that is flexible, affordable and aligned with their lifestyle and location,” Cheng said.

During the event, Cheng also participated in a panel session entitled Innovation: Alternative Education Models and Technology.

“It is impossible to recruit and retain students using only the methods of the past. Students need and expect more fluidity in how they make their decisions, and NAU has evaluated new technology and innovative education delivery models for decades,” Cheng said during the panel.

She added that it isn’t just about connectivity. “Programs and services must evolve in a similar manner. That’s why we continue to develop programs that are on the cutting-edge of change, and build faculty and support programs to enhance the student experience.”

Other panel participants included Diego Mazo, President, CEIPA Business School Columbia, Aimin Guo, Vice President Academic Affairs, SIAS International University, China, and Arturo Cherbowski Lask, Director, Universia/Santander Universidades, Mexico/Iberoamerica.