Charitable estate planning offered

Northern Arizona University’s Office of Gift Planning has many NAU friends and supporters who are including the NAU Foundation in their estate plans.

They believe in NAU’s mission and want to be involved in advancing the programs and projects which they care about.

David Mays, director of Gift Planning at NAU, explained that one of the most important individual legal opportunities is the future ownership of your possessions and the care of loved ones, declared through a will that has been prepared by a legal professional.

“Unless you have such a document, the state will decide on the distribution of your assets and care of your dependents, but it may not address your preferences,” he continued. “Similarly, an outdated document could result in distribution to individuals or organizations you no longer intended to include in your estate.”

You are invited to contact Mays for a complimentary and confidential discussion about charitable estate planning options or to receive a copy the guide “Giving Through Your Will.” Contact Mays¬†or (928) 523-2395.

“We want you to experience the good feeling associated with having a well-considered and well-crafted will or estate-planning document,” Mays said. “Planning the disposition of your estate places you in the driver’s seat and allows you to make decisions according to your concerns and commitments.”