Cabinet Highlights: Sept. 23, 2008

Transportation, Parking, Traffic Overview
D. Hook presented an overview of the campus master plan. He made recommendations to address traffic congestion, safety, and class change timing. He outlined changes that could be made in the short term and the costs associated with them. The president noted that the university must do something to be prepared for next fall when there will be extensive construction concentrated on north campus.

The president is prepared to go ahead with the short-term fixes at a cost of $500,000. Phase I of a parking spine and another garage require more discussion.

President’s Cabinet Report
P. Haeuser asked for the Cabinet’s assistance in reviewing a draft list of potential peer institutions. She indicated that in selecting peers particular attention needed to be paid to both academic and financial factors. The president suggested also taking a look at Central Michigan University. Several members suggested separating out distance learning from the main campus. D. Bousquet wondered if there inclusion of universities with medical schools would prove to be a disadvantage. R. St. Laurent asked about the timeline and whether the chairs could be involved in the discussion. P. Haeuser said she had to submit a draft list to the Board of Regents by noon Thursday. She expects there will be opportunities for more discussion later.

Creation of an Arizona Community College Council
The president noted that the governor has issued an executive order to establish a community college council. This will provide some form of coordination. This council will report to the Governor.

Enrollment Update
D. Bousquet distributed data on enrollment which is up more than 5% over last year. Online and statewide enrollment also is up. International enrollment is up 10%.
F. Hurst noted that online enrollment was up 20 percent. Need to do an analysis of where the online students are. Have rural students chosen to take more classes on line rather than stick to the programs that are offered live at distance sites?

Tuition Recommendations
At the September Board meeting, the Board is going to set parameters for tuition setting. The president distributed documents for the Board meeting. The challenge is that the proposed parameters don’t fit with the university’s guaranteed tuition approach. There are a few regents who understand the university’s position. The single table that Regents staff have devised disadvantages the university.

Faculty and Staff Housing RFP
MJ McMahon reported that the RFP is out and one response has been received. However, the response is nonresponsive so this issue is over for now unless the respondent revises their submission. The president indicated that the university might look at this again when the real estate market gets better. M. Gerety encouraged that we put shared equity on the table the next time this comes up.
D. Bousquet indicated that the university would be issuing another RFP for student housing and a parking garage and would include an option to include faculty/staff housing.

Impact of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy
The president reported that the university has minimal money in Lehman Brothers.

Veterans Preference Language for Capital Items
Federal legislation has been passed that requires contractors to have a veterans preference program in place. This is likely to have a negative impact on small operations. The impact may also result in more bid protests.

Upcoming ABOR Meeting—Budget Request Changes
The president distributed the most recent FY10 budget proposal. The version distributed reflects the Board’s latest request to reduce the amount of increase requested. The Board also seems to believe the universities are inefficient so another document was distributed documenting the university’s efforts to maximize the use of scarce resources.

Hybrid University Concept 
The Board has asked the president to talk more about the hybrid university concept at the Board meeting on Friday.

M. Munger announced that the Festival of Science begins this Friday. The president will be welcoming the keynote speaker Friday night. She also noted that Mountain Campus Science and Engineering Day is Saturday and invited the Cabinet to attend.

The president noted that he is receiving a lot of calls about the holiday closure so something about that will need to go out soon.

J. Fallis distributed the football schedule for 2009 and 2010 so the university could begin planning for Homecoming and Family Weekend. Would like to have Homecoming as late as possible.

ACTION: October 3, 2009 was selected as the date for Family Weekend and October 24 for Homecoming. In 2010, October 9 was selected for Family Weekend with October 30 being designated for Homecoming.

MJ McMahon indicated that the search for a chief facilities officer was moving along. Three candidates have been selected to come to campus. She will keep the group posted when the on campus interviews have been scheduled. She is pleased with the quality of the candidates.