Cabinet highlights, March 23, 2015: Cell phone policy revised

An updated cell phone policy has been adopted to reflect changes in wireless plans and NAU’s budget reality.

Fred Estrella, chief information technology officer, said the policy changes will be “simplified but not as generous” as before. NAU spent about $500,000 in cell phone reimbursements last fiscal year.

The new allowance will depend on the employee and supervisor, but are up to $20 a month for voice and text and up to $50 a month for voice, text, email and data. The purchase allowance is now half the cost of the device up to $150 every three years.

Supervisors are asked to resubmit forms to request cell phone allowance to the individuals. The forms can be found online.

Existing employees may keep the old plan until June 22, at which time all old plans will expire. However, departments may change an existing plan to the new plan at any time.

Details on the policy changes can be found here.

Other cabinet highlights include:

  • Applications for admission are up for Flagstaff and Extended Campuses, including the Graduate College. However, it is too early in the process to determine fall enrollment.
  • The “skin” of the Science and Health building is going up, and passers-by can now get a better view of what it will look like, said John Morris, associate vice president for Facility Services.
  • NAU will launch a strategic planning initiative tentatively scheduled to begin in May, said Eva Putzová, director for Planning and Institutional Research. The plan is meant to articulate the university’s vision for the next 15 years as well as to streamline the mission statement and highlight NAU’s strengths. Additionally, the university will gather input for capital campaign planning and refreshing the NAU brand and communication strategies.